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Free Fake Follower Checker on Instagram

If you've ever used the services of influencers to promote your product or service, you know how important it is to check your Instagram account for tampering. After all, if you pay an influencer who tells an audience of bots about your product in his post or stories, you're unlikely to win – you'll spend money on advertising, but you'll get zero return. And such failures can discourage the marketer from the idea of advertising on social networks. And this will be a strategic mistake: not using the most powerful channel of modern communication, social networks, and marketing brand are seriously inferior to the competition. So, let's figure out how to check the account for clicks and not get into trouble.

Fake Instagram account checker

It seems that the easiest option – is to look at the number of followers in the profile, the number of likes and comments under the post on Instagram, and estimate how many of the influencer has a “live” audience. A more complicated option is to estimate how many people are connected to the influencer's live feed. But these methods are rather energy-consuming and often inaccurate because likes and comments can be boosted in the same way as followers.

How do you fake followers check Instagram free? You can use the analytics service Yoloco, which gives fast and accurate results. And based on the data of the report on the influencer to conclude – whether he twists followers or plays honestly. Such a report can be generated for any influencer. You can also try to analyse any Influencer for free here. Let's see what you need to pay attention to.

YoScore account rating

YoScore is the rating of a particular account among others represented in the social network. It is calculated based on key metrics: audience quality, audience engagement with content (ER), follower gain or loss analytics, the average number of comments, and posting frequency. This indicator, as a sign of quality, speaks to the integrity of the blog's author.

Audience engagement

The graph shows the average engagement with the influencer's content over the past 3 months. The lower the engagement, the worse it is. A low percentage indicates a large number of of the influencer's followers who are not alive and active.

The quality of the audience is the most important indicator

Quality audiences are live followers and potential customers. Mass followers are followers who have more than 1,500 followers. Suspicious accounts – accounts that may be bots. In the figure, we see 51% of the qualitative audience is a good figure. Based on the data discussed in this example, we can conclude that the influencer is bona fide and interesting to his audience. Thus, it is possible to find out exactly whether a free fake follower checks in just a few minutes if you use modern tools.


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