How to check Instagram engagement rate

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How to check Instagram engagement rate

Instagram engagement - average number of reactions made by an average follower to content posted by a user. This is the level of audience engagement in the activity of your brand, which is measured as a percentage, if we are talking specifically about Instagram. Engagement metric allows you to measure how actively followers in Instagram interacts with the content published in the account. And how active users watch, like and comment on the published content.

We are talking specifically about users, because not all followers see every post of yours.And not all people who saw your post are your followers. Such conditions were created by the new algorithmic Instagram feed. The number of followers on your account is no longer important, the number of people who will see the content is important, and it is important how many of them will interact with your content. The main role will be played not by the number of subscribers, but by their quality. Keep in mind that the larger the account, the lower the engagement rate.

How to calculate Instagram engagement rate

Instagram engagement can be calculated independently. If we count ER for one post, then go to the publication statistics. We take the reach, we take the engagement and go counting. Most of the controversy is about the advisability of dividing the number of comments in half, but on Instagram it is usually customary to respond to user comments, hence comes the division. If your case is different, and your own comments will not create a strong error, then you do not need to divide.

There are 3 ways to calculate Instagram engagement rate:

  • (Likes+comments)/Followers x 100
  • (Likes+comments)/Impressions x 100
  • (Likes+comments+saved)/Impressions x 100

The larger the account, the less this difference will be. If you are responding to most of the comments, then it makes sense to do so in order to get the most accurate numbers. Let's calculate the percentage of engagement for a specific period. To do this, go to the account statistics, go to the publication statistics, filter the required period by coverage, by engagement and separately by comments, if you need to divide them in half, you can do it later.

What kind of instagram engagement is considered normal

For an account with several thousand subscribers (let it be up to 10,000) - this is 7-15%, up to 30,000 - this is 5%, above - 3% is considered a good indicator. We do not recommend using these indicators as the only truth. Firstly, Instagram is changing very quickly, and secondly, the situation in each account is individual. Even if you have reached the norm of your ER, then it is important to regularly double-check everything with fresh numbers in order to notice a possible drop in engagement in time. It is important to catch this moment as early as possible, because after that the coverage begins to fall. Reach from 30 to 60% is considered the norm if you have a small number of subscribers in general (up to a thousand). For the rest, it is quite a good indicator from 15 to 40%, if it is higher, it is excellent, if it is lower, then something needs to be done.

How to Increase Instagram Engagement Rate

The most important thing in the engagement rate is that many bloggers, advertisers, and in general all participants in the Instagram market began to pay attention to it. In 2018–2021, the trend in the number of followers in the profile fell down. The focus shifted to ER. There are several reasons: The requirements for the audience have grown - everyone began to understand that business goes to Instagram not only for beautiful round numbers, but also a lively loyal audience. Brands that successfully sell products and services have seen the relationship between reach and activity. The second reason for the popularity of this parameter follows ... The higher the engagement, the higher the chances of the account getting to the top in the recommended one. Which will allow you to get more organic traffic and therefore save money on additional coverage. User activity is a direct indicator of the engagement and loyalty of the established community. And working on this front is a trend for large brands and companies, as well as for small ones.


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