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TOP Instagram Crypto Influencers

Whether you unveil a new project or looking to market an existing one, you can benefit from working with crypto influencers to build up an effective marketing campaign. Partnering with potential crypto Instagram influencers will help you intensify traffic and brand awareness with the right promotional strategy. But finding reliable crypto influencers can be stressful and challenging at times, as cryptocurrency scams pop up in a substantial number on social media. You must follow well-established crypto influencers to reach a larger audience for your cryptocurrency project.

Who are crypto influencers?

Before we dive into the list of top Instagram crypto influencers, let’s understand who is a crypto influencer. Well, simply put, in the field of cryptocurrency, influencers are those people who motivate others to connect with crypto business, technology, or methodology. Just like influencers in other markets, crypto influencers are blockchain enthusiasts who leverage several social platforms to generate interest in your product. They use social media platforms like Instagram to help increase demand for cryptos among the general public and promote awareness about cryptocurrencies.

Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast, or an agency looking for crypto influencers to work with, we’ve compiled this list of top crypto influencers on Instagram who you can engage in your campaigns:

CryptoExplorer ( @cryptoexplorer )

  • Number of followers: 659,100
  • Engagement Rate: 0.08%

One of the fastest-growing crypto accounts on Instagram proceeds from an anonymous team of crypto influencers. With engaging topics on cryptocurrency growth, this channel has quickly become a favorite for people looking to learn Bitcoin and get started with crypto trading. This account is a rich source of trendy crypto news, memes, tips, and educational resources.

Robert Kayosaki (@therealkiyosaki )

  • Number of followers: 2,9M
  • Engagement Rate: 0.57%

With more than 2 million followers, Robert Kiyosaki, a mega influencer, is well known for his entrepreneurial skills. He is a crypto expert, the author of the best-selling finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and is now sharing his wisdom and cryptocurrency expertise with his community on Instagram. With the recent volatility in the blockchain, Kiyosaki taught his followers rich and meaningful video content on Instagram. He educates people about the significance of investing in crypto and shares inspirational quotes and phrases. Apart from crypto, being a financial advocate, Kiyosaki also gives tips and advice on building your wealth from adequate money.

BitBoy Crypto ( @bitboy_crypto )

  • Number of followers: 474.600
  • Engagement Rate: 0.18%

If you’re looking for a top Instagram crypto influencer with a massive following, BitBoy-Crypto will do. With almost half a million followers, Ben Armstrong, popularly known as BitBoy Crypto, has an extensive following of loyal fans, also known as the BitSquad. He has dedicated his Instagram channel to hilarious Bitcoin memes that are powerful content to attract audiences of the younger generation. Ben provides insightful advice on Bitcoin and Ethereum and also imparts cryptocurrency news and updates in videos on both Instagram and YouTube. His cryptocurrency trading advice covers a wide range of projects.

Cryptonary ( @cryptonary )

  • Number of followers: 560.000
  • Engagement Rate: 0.51%

Are you looking for a financial group with a plethora of resources? Then Cryptonary would be a team that strives to keep users fully updated on cryptocurrency and the NFT marketplace. Cryptonary has become one of the most reliable sources of the latest news and trends for community and development. With over 500,000 Social media followers, their content ranges from amusing memes to precise breakdowns of market trends and infographics related to the crypto market. This channel can be a great source of information for all crypto enthusiasts since it provides a detailed analysis of popular NFT coins. The range of cryptocurrency information covered here makes it perfect for both newbies and seasoned traders.

Irene Zhao ( @b1gqing )

  • Number of followers: 441K
  • Engagement Rate: 4.51%

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency trading, Irene Zhao, one of the most influential NFT traders, will be a perfect match. Singapore-based Zhao is one of the most persuasive crypto Instagram influencers. Zhao, one of the leading internet celebrities, currently amasses 441,000 followers. Her content revolves around fashion, fitness, and vlogging. The dominating Irene Zhao is curious about monetizing the digital space and created her NFT collection. She launched her first-ever NFT collection, the “IreneDAO” project, which has become a focus, especially for those interested in the cryptocurrency market. After her successful DAO development, Zhao sought to produce a blockchain-based platform for online creators to compensate effectively. Zhao’s success in the crypto market is evidence of the power of influencer marketing.

Armando Juan Pantoja: ( @tallguytycoon )

  • Number of followers: 406K
  • Engagement Rate: 1.03%

Armando Pantoja, an American FinTech entrepreneur and software engineer, better realized by his clients, handles tallguytycoon. Panjota is not only proficient in the technical intricacies of engineering and programming and also holds indispensable knowledge on optimizing blockchain-based technology. He is an expert in various areas, like crypto, tech, and stocks. You will find news, case studies, analysis, theories, and so on his Instagram feed. With 393K followers, Pantoja’s Instagram feed is a holy grail for crypto traders who are just getting started. Pantoja shares video clips and motivational quotes to inspire people in the crypto market. The content creator dedicates his account to educating and motivating students and crypto newbies into financially literate and flexible investors.

Sharecrypto ( @sharecrypto )

  • Number of followers: 421,500
  • Engagement Rate: 0.25%

Sharecrypto is one of the longest-running records for cryptographic money. If you want the latest scoop on the market, ShareCrypto is a must-follow with the latest trends and news in the crypto market. This account offers you to share reports about your crypto project on Instagram. ShareCrypto help to keep you up to date on cryptocurrency changes before they become mainstream. What’s more? All their content is in a readable format that even a novice crypto fan can comprehend. With 252,000 followers, Sharecrypto posts information like crypto milestones, big investor purchases, and the reasons behind price surges and drops.

Coingrams ( @coingrams )

  • Number of followers: 261,300
  • Engagement Rate: 0.52%

Another major heavyweight in the top crypto Instagram influencers space is CoinGram. Coingram grabs the attention of crypto lovers with a fair equilibrium of crypto market features and memes. If crypto memes, graphs, and tweets are your thing, CoinGrams has you covered. CoinGrams keeps its followers up-to-date with extensive stats and anecdotes about bitcoin, blockchain, and mainstream businesses.

Matthias Mende ( @mende )

  • Number of followers: 214K
  • Engagement Rate: 1.26%

With over 215,000 followers on Instagram, Matthias is among Dubai’s top crypto influencers on Instagram. Matthias has an impressive network - he has encountered many cryptos, trading, and entrepreneurship experts. Unlike some of the famous influencers we know, Mende educates you with inspirational quotes and explainer video clips about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Today he is a famous Instagram crypto influencer with great audience quality, an excellent following ratio, and an outstanding diversity of content scores.

Cryptopunks ( @cryptopunks )

  • Number of followers: 246,100
  • Engagement Rate: 0.77%

To finish our TOP Crypto Influencers, we close this article with cryptoPunks. Our final certified influencer, CryptoPunks, is among the best crypto influencers on Instagram. Cryptopunks is an official account that features NFT art and empowers people to start investing in cryptocurrency. It shows the NFT art, which sold successfully in the industry. CryptoPunks promotes new NFT updates and releases on Instagram to gain popularity and create hype. The booming market for NFTs has resulted in a substantial rise in the number of people looking to engage in virtual currency.

Final Words:

Crypto Instagram influencers are an essential part of Social media marketing. Such Instagram crypto campaigns build a reputation for your project in the blockchain community. But developing an effective crypto campaign without professional help is very tricky. On the other hand, partnering with a blockchain platform like Yoloco guarantees positive outcomes for your crypto influencer marketing campaign. Yoloco maximizes in-house campaign techniques and offers a personalized list that can help you connect with the right media professionals who have access to your target audience. Partnering with the experts at Yoloco can do a lot for booming your crypto and take your crypto global in front of an audience that would be excited to hear from you.


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