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How to order ads in influence marketing

Influence marketing is one of the most modern and popular digital marketing tools. Advertising on the Internet surrounds users from all sides, so many try to avoid it in every possible way. Nevertheless, the business needs to be promoted, and in this case, advertising from bloggers can come to the rescue. Who are influencers and bloggers? These are opinion leaders who have an active and loyal audience on social networks. The credibility of the advertisements offered by bloggers is much higher when compared with conventional advertising, and therefore the question arises of how to properly purchase advertising from bloggers and spend your advertising budget as efficiently as possible. Another advantage of partnering with influencers is the naturalness of the promotional offers. They often use native ads on their blogs, so many subscribers do not even suspect that it was an advertisement. In addition, blogging advertising allows you to collect useful information about your product or service, which can be useful in further analytics and promotion strategies. Market is constantly growing and at the same time a relatively young direction is rapidly and spontaneously developing - advertising among influencers on their personal platforms - accounts. Contracts and work with young and successful people are on everybody's lips, but how to negotiate with an influencer? How to choose one among a large number of popular and niche blogging authors that can interest the consumer and help in the development of direction? How to formulate a task, look for contacts and connections with the new stars of the Internet? Yoloco will tell you how to buy ads from influencers We do not lose, but we find a face. Whom do we take in advertising? When creating an advertising campaign, many specialists (even with several years of experience) face a number of problems: • How not to be mistaken with the selection of a niche blogger; • How to rate readers, followers of a influencer? • Maybe subscribers are screwed up, and comments are written not by real people, but by bots? • Is there activity on the page de facto? • How to determine the right audience - those people who might be interested in the product, who are ready to make a check - to pay for a service or product? • How to agree on the native in the blog's author's profile, how to understand - the price was "taken from the ceiling" or the placement actually costs so much - to "probe" the cost, etc.? When betting on a influencer, you need to think about how the process will be built up: you must formulate the request as clearly as possible, draw up a technical assignment, and also “on the shore” figure out whether this blogger will hit the bull's-eye of your advertising campaign, can you not only invest and invest in work, but also get economic benefits? What does influencer talk or write about? Is this content fit to you? Open your profile and read the posts. The message should not run counter to the goals and objectives that you set in your campaign. Example If you want to advertise organic farm products, and a blogger in posts and stories shows how he eats fast food and prefers “food junk,” you not only will not increase sales, but you may also suffer reputationally - the result of your integration will be negative or derisive comments from subscribers. Case Consider a recent example - a contract (controversial advertisement) on a blog by a young fitness mom with a diaper brand. Attentive subscribers noticed that earlier in the story, the blogger's child was always wearing diapers of a different brand of a higher price category, which caused dissonance, negative emotions and distrust of the blogger and the advertised brand among people. If the in-house diaper marketer had analyzed the posts of a famous fitness mom in advance, this situation would not have happened. Blog Authors Analytics It's worth diving into the math here. We look at the coverage, determine the average; what is the involvement of those people who read and monitor the posts of the account owner; How many real, live subscribers on the blogger's account, who are just interesting to the advertiser, that is, you, is there a dynamic and what it is. Attention to little things and little things If the audience suddenly shrinks and it is noticeable (many people are unsubscribing), it is likely: The blogger loses his creative acumen, in other words, it is not interesting to read it and the subscriber leaves; Readers say goodbye after the giveaway: previously, users sought and subscribed to the page in anticipation of the drawing of giftsand after - they also quickly leave the page; The blogger "played in the dark", that is increased his followers- he bought fake followers and recently Instagram removed in the course of its next purge of fake subscribers. Most likely now is not the best time to offer cooperation to a blogger. It is also necessary to assess engagement by posts - do posts like, write comments, or do platform users just scroll through them in the feed, not paying attention? What is the interaction with other brands and products, what is the audience of this account, gender, age and geo - what are these distributions among blog readers. You can check all these metrics through the Yoloco service There is a contact. Are we cooperating or are we continuing to monitor the blogger in the habitat? When you have chosen a blogger for your campaign, you need to contact him or his manager, prepare an offer for the blogger that can interest him. You should also present your product or service in a capacious manner, agree on the payment format and type of content. Let's take a closer look at this. We catch the Firebird. How to contact a blogger? Large bloggers most often have a representative or an ad and customer relationship manager. In this case, the representative's contacts: name, phone number, mail or account link are easily searched for in the profile - under the nickname of the selected author. The blogger can also write a request in a personal message. But here there is always the possibility that your message will get lost - a blogger may well be writing a hundred or more messages or requests every day. Therefore, do not hesitate to duplicate the message after a while - perhaps the blog author simply did not notice him in the stream of others and will now respond to your proposal. Also on Instagram, you can find the blogger's e-mail or phone number, if he indicated them in the "Ways of communication" in the profile. Or you can see the contacts directly in the blogger report in Yoloco. Deal? An offer he won't want to refuse Before sending the generated proposal to the owner and author of the blog, it is necessary to calculate and formulate a brief but succinct description of the brand and what you want to implement through the blogger - your product, service, as well as the format in which it will be acceptable for both parties to work, etc. Hello! It's important to say hello. Politeness is half the battle, an obligatory component of communication, and especially business. Give a name, present the company and yourself in it - for which you are responsible. Description of the brand. You have a product, we have a merchant. Describe the brand and product you want to advertise. It is reasonable to present information clearly and intelligibly, simply and clearly as possible. Without going into lengthy descriptions, you formulate specifically and save the blogger's time. Cooperation type In the commercial prescribe the format - for an influencer and you should be comfortable in the general process, level the conflict before it starts. If a real blogger approached a real influencer with not so impressive capital of subscribers, you can negotiate with him about barter: you give him the product of your brand and he tells his audience about it “for free”. It is also possible to barter with an additional payment or one hundred percent payment for placement - in this case, the recommended cost can be viewed in the report on the blogger in Yoloco (calculate the price based on the received data on the account of any influencer; it is much easier to decide which is more important - a story or a post ). What type? How to decide on content What is better to broadcast to the subscribers of your advertising person - Instagram is variable: • publication in the feed; • history; • mixed version. Ordering a series of publications or 24-hour stories will also affect the cost of the contract with the counterparty upward, but even with a large order, do not hesitate to remind you of a discount. We direct the flows of subscribers to the advertising channel, link to the site The link to the page of what you plan to sell must also be in the commercial proposal so that the author or manager, account manager can attach it to the promo. A little trick. If you add a UTM tag to the address, you can track the transitions - this means that you will work in a full cycle - from the launch to the number of visits and / or checks. That is, you will see if your ad is "working". Yoloco analyzes influencers and bloggers for every taste.

How to find influencers to advertise? You can do the search manually, but it will take longer. However, you will have a chance to find a blogger who has not yet undermined the credibility of their audience with an oversupply of advertising. A faster method for finding bloggers by topic, subscriber base, and engagement is to use exchanges. All exchanges have a common operating principle. First, you need to register as an advertiser and complete an assignment with detailed content requirements. After it passes the moredation, the service sends it to suitable bloggers who can accept or reject this offer. After a while, you will have a list of bloggers who responded to your assignment. From there, you can choose who you want to cooperate with. In a timely manner, the blogger must post content with your ad. Although the second option is safer, since the exchange acts as an intermediary, and in case of bad faith on the part of the blogger, you will not lose money, this method is still the most expensive. You will have to overpay for the services of the exchange. Let's take a closer look at how to independently conduct a search and analytics for bloggers with whom you want to advertise.

Search for geolocation. This method is especially useful if you need a blogger living in your city. Use hashtags to search. For example, on Instagram, hashtags are the primary method for finding content. You can use hashtags related to your product or store to find a blogger with a relevant topic. Search your account subscribers. You can analyze several of your followers' accounts to see who they follow on social networks. This will help you determine which bloggers your target audience likes. How do I check bloggers? Since blogging is a profitable business, there are many scammers on social networks who have fake followers and only visible activity. In fact, advertising from such bloggers will not bring any positive results.

How to do the analysis yourself? Pay attention to the engagement statistics. It can be carried out through our service, or by manually analyzing the last 10 - 15 blogger's publications. It is important to take into account that a too high percentage of engagement may indicate a boost of likes and comments, and too low of a fanned subscriber who is not active. It has been noticed that engagement among micro-influencers is significantly higher than among large bloggers. Therefore, it may be more effective to collaborate with a few small bloggers with an audience of up to 50,000 subscribers than with 1 large one. Conduct a subscriber analysis Rate how real their accounts are. If there are a lot of commercial accounts or online stores among the subscribers, then most likely the blogger uses cheat for promotion. Pay attention to the content of the comments under the blogger's posts. If you notice a large number of comments consisting of some emoji, or incoherent dialogues, then this also indicates the use of cheat. If a blogger uses natural promotion methods, he will not hide statistics. Check your subscriber acquisition rate. If you notice sharp jumps, this indicates cheating or the use of contests in promotion. Both methods attract non-target audiences and are ineffective. To check how loyal the audience is to the blogger, try to find a post on your personal page that is dedicated to some important event in his life. Analyze how the audience reacted to this event. And another important factor is the number of blogger subscriptions. If there are too many of them, then most likely he was engaged in mass following.


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