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Influencer marketing manager

Influencer marketing manager - is a person who produces content (photos, videos, text) and communicates with advertisers from the blogger's side. For many people, an influencer manager seems to be an easy part-time job: to disassemble direct messages, communicate with advertisers, save a creative person from routine. In fact, the blogger's manager is both a bodyguard who will protect the influencer from aggressive clients, and a diplomat who will resolve all conflicts, and sometimes even emergency psychological assistance. But it's worth it: if you catch the wave, you can make millions of dollars.

Why is it difficult to find an influencer / blogger manager?

There is definitely a talent shortage in the market and it depends on the niche.. If it is a beauty or fashion sphere, then there are many candidates, there is a lot of competition and salaries too. If we are looking in the finance niche, the difficulty is that people are forced to delve into and understand this niche. Therefore, the amount of time depends very much on the business niche.

Who develops content for an Instagram influencer. Instagram Producer?

Instagram production is a service to promote the blogger's personal brand and the content he creates. A specialist in this area helps the account owner to reveal his expertise and convey it to the audience in an understandable language. The Instagram producer controls the creation of exciting high-quality content, attracts new subscribers, organizes online marathons for the speaker, meetings with followers.

If a blogger sells his own product, the list of tasks includes improving the quality of the latter. A good producer needs to understand the market and understand how to improve the product line and correctly present it to the audience.

It is important to think over the content to the smallest detail, to competently build a sales funnel. One wrong step will destroy the chain, and it will be extremely difficult to realize the product with the maximum profit. The producer takes full responsibility for warming up the audience before the sale, including in the formalization of financial and legal relations with customers.

Content marketing methods for instagram influencer manager.

Educational content The main criterion for educational content is benefit. Typically, educational material makes up 60% of all site content. As a content marketing tool, such content should be consistent with the brand's theme. Entertainment content The main criteria for entertainment content are humor and a sense of proportion. Information of the entertainment plan makes up about 30% of the entire content of the site. To use this type of materials as a content marketing tool, you will need to ensure the high quality of the pictures and photos used.


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