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How to find micro-influencers 4 easy steps to follow in 2022

In this guide, you'll learn how to find micro-influencers for your brand who can help with outreach, acquisition, conversion, and retention of potential customers for high ROI. Micro-influencers, mostly with a 1k to 100k following, can assist you with targeting the right audience for your marketing needs as they've already built an engaging and interest-based audience in your industry. Therefore, you don’t need to spend tons of money on your marketing campaigns. You can achieve your business goals by spreading positive word of mouth to build your brand’s credibility on a low budget within a short time. In this post, we’ll let you know the steps about how to get micro-influencers. 

1. Google search engine

Because influencers have already established a successful niche blog in your industry, they can assist you in targeting the right audience. You can use this string in the Google search engine “Best target niche influencers in target city", e.g., “Best gaming mouse influencers in the USA." From the search results, you need to filter out influencers from the mixed results of influencers and e-commerce websites to get an exact idea about how to find a micro-influencer. Once you have found the list of influencers' websites, drop them an email for influencer marketing. 

2. YouTube Search engine

Influencers can promote your business through engaging video content. In YouTube’s search bar, type “Best gaming mouse influencers in the USA”, filter for the best ones, and contact them.

3. Search through Social media

Social media is the best tool as you already have a built-in audience in your targeted industry on social media. If you want to figure out how to find Instagram micro-influencers, then follow the steps below:

Research your follower's list

Check the followers that are already following your business page and have an active and engaging audience (1k-100k) in your target industry, because potential influencers might be following you on Instagram.

Use Hashtags

Go to Instagram’s search bar and type # with your relevant term to find the influencers with relevant interests. 

4. Influencer marketing tools 

While all of these manual methods may lead you towards collaboration with micro-influencers who have fake followings, low-quality content, lower engagements, and audiences with contrary interests, that can compromise your time and efforts on your other business-related tasks. This can also turn your business into a loss instead of a profit. You might be confused about how to find micro-influencers on Instagram and YouTube? We have found a solution for you to find the right fit in less time with the help of an influencer marketing tool. The number one influencer marketing tool, Yoloco.io, can provide you with the best fit within minutes from 33+ filters with high engagement rates, real followers, and an accurately targeted audience. It is important that the influencer’s audience demographics match those of your business. So, with the help of Yoloco.io, you can check an influencer’s audience insights and cross-analyze different influencers’ audiences within no time.


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