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Market Research

We will help you do research in the following areas



Analyzed influencers


Analyzed brands


Audience accounts


Content quantity

Social network

For what purpose

Analysis of promoting competitors’ strategies through bloggers

Collecting insights on the mechanics and effective formats

A Forecast of budgets spent on advertising

What you get

Up-to-date data on all placements of competitors on social networks for the study period

Analysis of advertising content, creative mechanics, advertising object (services, promotions, discounts)

Distribution of statistics by periods, for analyzing bursts of activity

Comparative analysis of brand activity

Information about your competitors' advertising budgets


Upload of an Excel spreadsheet with links to videos and basic metrics for ad placements

Target audience analysis

Social network

For what purpose

Revealing the audience's real interests in specific bloggers and brands

Formation of a new strategy for promotion and performance marketing

What you get

Audience clustering on various topics based on their subscriptions to other accounts

Revealing the preferences of one or several target audiences regarding business segments and bloggers

Collection of all subscriptions of the analyzed collection

Clustering a selection by the amount of influence of accounts on their audience as well as types of bloggers

Insights about where the largest% of your audience sits - which bloggers have, which brand accounts


Analysis of the audience of brands, bloggers, hashtags, as well as a mix of audiences

Target audience analysis through CRM matching with social network

Trend analysis

Social network

For what purpose

Industry market research

What you get

Research of content activity of all business segments on Instagram

A search for bursts of engagement and identify trends

Collection of insights about competitors technologies through influencers


Monitoring top industry brand accounts

Monitoring the top accounts of influencers in the context of the analyzed industry

Monitoring bursts of engagement

Insights about trends, mechanics and brand technologies

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